Adult podcasts

Adult podcasts are what you’re here for an what we provide.  The advantage of listening rather than reading a book are numerous.  For one, if you have a book lying around people will see it and may judge you.  They might think you’re sad for reading an adult book.  Or maybe you’re in your twenties and still live with your parents.  We all know how parents are, they can be so prudish and disapproving.  Listening to adult stuff means you can hide all that.  You can even be listening to it right in front of your parents or a prudish friend and they would never know.  Not to be honest that, that is really where you will be listening to the podcasts.  Most people listen to erotic audio in the comfort of their bedroom on their own, or possibly with partner.  That’s a pretty fun way to do it.  Using the erotic stories to give you ideas.